Regal Welcomes

Entering the artistically designed lobby area of residencia, a regal aura besieges you, the ambiance of the reception. The lobby area will make you feel like a prince. At your arrival meet and greet escritoire will receive you. World-class services will encompass you, escorted with timeless royalty and grace. We will lead you towards the expansive ultra-modern elevators ready to take you to your desired floor. A premium welcome begins your journey to a world of comfort and luxury.

Parking, Community Hall & Prayer Area

Safa Burj Mall offers dedicated and state-of-the-art well-lit and properly ventilated spacious car parking areas where you can enjoy a hassle-free car park. Transform your life events into memoirs at the large community centre that can accommodate many guests at a time.

Floor Plans

The 28 storey building has been divided into commercial and residential areas. Lower Ground to 6 the Floor has been dedicated for commercial purposes and include Gym, Spa, Salon and Sauna. The 5th & 6th Floor are reserved for the food court, while floor -1 is for national brands. The 7th floor will be a gaming zone for all ages. Residential apartments will be on the 9th to 22nd floor. Residential Floors will consist on 1-Bed, 2-Bed & 3 bed Apartments along with Jacuzzi & Duplex Apartments.

For floor plans layout and floor plans payment visit or Contact us.

Creating A Serene Living Space Only For You

Princely Sleep

Elegantly designed penthouse bedroom is the most intimate in the house, where you will be spending most of your time. That’s why we have designed the penthouse bedroom specially for you to immerse into an absolutely perfect siesta. At Safa Burj Mall you will sleep nothing less than a royal celebrity.

A Majestic freshness

Safa Burj Mall penthouses are designed with ultra-modern bathrooms having interiors designed in stunning contemporary way. A penthouse bathroom that not only looks elegant but makes you feel at your best each time. Each time you shower, a bathroom that has a royal look, but without sacrificing any functionality. A unique restroom that is full of character.

Ultra Luxurious Living

The living room of penthouse at Safa Burj Mall can be definitely defined in one word – GLAMOUR. Stylish and chic interior including bright tones and contemporary cosy design, with large amount of natural light, is there anything more you can wish for you stay? In the nights there is no other place more suitable for party or relaxed dinner on the terrace, with stunning views of Islamabad skyline.

Trendy Kitchen

While planning your penthouse we have considered the position of the sink, refrigerator and stove, because the most action will unfold right there. Ideally placed in a triangle, making everything within your reach. The penthouse kitchen is the part of the penthouse where you will feel good, you will be happy to stay and create new dishes for your family and friends.

The Opulent Dining Room

The dining room is considered to be the true heart of the home as that is where the entire family usually gets together at least once every day. Regardless of your stance on the kitchen-dining room debate, you will probably agree that a decent and spacious dining room makes for a much more comfortable and intriguing dinner with friends or family.

Joyful En Suites & Bath

With an en suite apartment bed and bathroom, you can afford to be relaxed about the robustness of surfaces as we have splashed out on the fixtures and fittings to help create the dream bathroom you have always wanted and a bedroom where you can spend your best solitary times or enjoy happy times with your soulmate.

For A Unique Culinary Experience

The contemporary open cooking area adjacent to the spacious living room offers an elaborated amalgamation of your culinary skills and robust kitchen designs. Marbled kitchen tops glorify the process of cooking delicacies. The delicacies can be enjoyed in the living room while enjoying TV or can be served to the guests sitting in the living room.

Boosting Body & Soul

Boost your mind, get better feeling, gain healthier body, and ask your partner to have hot tub with you. The Jacuzzi in your apartment may feel more stunning and relaxing. Placed ideally so during Jacuzzi you can enjoy the breath-taking cityscape of Islamabad. With warm water, private area, and any wonderful in between will make you feel better

Immaculate Reception

Daily inconvenience for apartment dwellers is the awkward elevator ride. We at Safa Burj Mall have not only provided world-class living amenities that include on-call concierge services. We have also imported faster, stronger and more efficient elevator systems assuring a quick and quite ride. The aesthetically crafted reception area leads you to the spacious elevator lobby that has a finesse that will submerse you it its captivating artistic aura.

A Majestic Stay

Enter the super comfortable serviced apartment at Safa Burj Mall, where a tourist’s dream comes true. The finest antechamber for your stay awaits, submerge into the splendours of luxurious lifestyles. The stylishly designed bedroom brightens your wonderful staying place, this is the ultimate personification of contented living. Dwell into the refreshing retreat embellished with state-of-the-art fittings and fixtures. Bathe into the serene opaque bathtub and get ready for the day to come.

Residential Payment Plan